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After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the key features of SharePoint 2013
  • Design an information architecture
  • Design logical and physical architectures
  • Install and configure SharePoint Server 2013
  • Create web applications and site collections
  • Plan and configure service applications
  • Manage users and permissions
  • Configure authentication for SharePoint 2013
  • Secure a SharePoint 2013 deployment
  • Manage taxonomy
  • Configure user profiles
  • Configure enterprise search
  • Monitor and maintain a SharePoint 2013 environment

Course details:

Lab: Creating an Information Architecture – Part One
  • Lab: Creating an Information Architecture – Part Two
  • Lab: Designing a Logical Architecture
  • Lab: Designing a Physical Architecture
  • Lab: Deploying and Configuring SharePoint Server 2013 – Part 1
  • Lab: Deploying and Configuring SharePoint Server 2013 – Part 2
  • Lab: Creating and Configuring Web Applications
  • Lab: Creating and Configuring Site Collections
  • Lab: Planning and Configuring Service Applications
  • Lab: Managing Users and Groups
  • Lab: Securing Content in SharePoint Sites
  • Lab: Configuring SharePoint 2013 to Use Federated Identities
  • Lab: Hardening a SharePoint 2013 Server Farm
  • Lab: Configuring Farm-Level Security
  • Lab: Configuring Content Type Propagation
  • Lab: Configuring and Using Managed Metadata Term Sets
  • Lab: Configuring User Profiles
  • Lab: Configuring My Sites and Audiences
  • Lab: Configuring Enterprise Search
  • Lab: Configuring the Search Experience
  • Lab: Monitoring a SharePoint 2013 Deployment
  • Lab: Investigating Page Load Times