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Certified, experienced CSMs who want to stand neck to neck with the best in the business and take a further step in their careers by becoming Certified Team or Enterprise Coaches can now finally advance their skills and knowledge!

There are almost 1000 certified Agile practitioners in Serbia – ScrumMasters and/or Product Owners. Will you be among the first 20 to become Advanced?

About this A-CSM training

This two-day Advanced Certified Scrum Master training course builds on the core Scrum framework and helps you move towards a professional and practitioner ScrumMaster level. A highly interactive learning experience, that promises to share best practice, explore real life problems, and practical techniques to take away and apply immediately, this training allows you to realise more of the untapped potential of you and your team. Furthermore, you are encouraged to co-own and mould the agenda by bringing your own challenges, questions and areas of interest to the group to make the learning as personal as possible. Also, this is the next step in your Agile journey – earning the Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM℠) certification – which can further lead you to the highest paid and most in-demand jobs in Agile: Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer.

This A-CSM training is for you if:

  • You have an ambition to become a Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach or Certified Scrum Trainer
  • You want to get feedback on your skills and knowledge as a ScrumMaster by the best in the business
  • You want to network with Scrum practitioners from the region and connect with one of the best Scrum trainers in the world
  • You have a valid CSM certificate and a minimum of 12 months experience in a ScrumMaster role

If you have a CSM certificate and at least 10 months of experience in a ScrumMaster role, you can still attend this training and then get certified up to 60 days after (when you gain the needed experience)

Why attend?

  • Stand out from the crowd of Certified ScrumMasters
  • There are less than a handful of A-CSMs in the region – be the first and lead the way
  • Becoming an Advanced CSM usually entails having to travel far to train with the best – save on all those costs and get certified close to home
  • You need to be an A-CSM to further advance to the highest paid and most in-demand jobs in Agile: Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer

An Exclusive Opportunity to Work One-on-One with the Best in the Business

Customized to the needs of experienced Agile practitioners, this A-CSM course is a blend of written coursework and in-person training:

  • Pre-Course Online Coursework – participants complete a series of basic questions about the Scrum framework and Agile/Lean principles and submit them before the training in order to get feedback from the trainer;
  • In-Person Training – 2-day course focussed on coaching and facilitation practice;
  • Post-Course Online Coursework – participants complete (within a maximum of 60 days after the in-person training) a second set of essay-based questions about their experience as a ScrumMaster and receive feedback from the trainer; once the trainer has accepted all coursework, and a valid CSM has been verified, the A-CSM accreditation is awarded!


  • How to build the engagement, motivation and productivity of your agile team
  • How to coach product owners, project managers and others for buy-in
  • Techniques to energise your sprint planning sessions and retrospectives
  • How to deal with difficult situations as a ScrumMaster
  • How to increase the creative capacity of your Scrum team
  • Strategies to help you enable change within your organisation
  • PLUS we always encourage our attendees to tailor the agenda to meet their needs

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