Datum23.06.2021 - 25.06.2021
Vreme09.00h -17:00h (sre/pet)
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About this CASPO training

This training will show you how to effectively work with a Scrum team to take a product from idea to implementation. It is a very interactive and enjoyable two day workshop style training that teaches through simulations and exercises, with participants using the techniques as soon as they learn them. We go from business case to product backlog, using practical techniques that Product Owners can apply on their next working day. We write user stories, a preferred format for agile requirements, do release planning, and deal with changes to the plan. You learn case studies and the unique perspective of your colleagues as you collaborate. Become a Product Owner who effectively works with customers and other stakeholders to understand their needs, the market demands and the time and budget constraints.

This CASPO training is for you if:

  • You are a Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master or Business Analysts looking for concrete tools you can implement the day after training in your company
  • You have a career in Scrum or are in charge of product development (as Product Owner, Manager etc.) but have never had formal education or certified training
  • You crave simple, systematized yet thorough knowledge about product development that will help you tackle hands-on your daily challenges
  • You are in charge of product development (as Product Owner, Manager etc.) and want to enhance the quality of your work with your team
  • You work in any industry and need to learn about an approach to product development that has a proven track record of working well with deep and strong hierarchies
  • You work in product development and want to clearly understand and define your role in the Scrum process
  • You are an executive, project manager or head of IT in search of a better and more modern framework for collaboration on product development
  • You are in charge of hiring Scrum team members and want to gain a better understanding of the competencies needed for the jobs
  • You want to network with Scrum practitioners from the region and connect with leading Scrum trainers

Please note that this training does not introduce the basics of the Scrum framework, but rather focuses on effective tools for managing stakeholders and working with a Scrum team to deliver great products by covering aspects of Agile Product Management and Lean Startup topics.

Why attend?

  • Scrum Product Owner is the 5th most promising job in the world
  • Scrum and Agile skills and competencies – Quick Reaction to Changing Needs, Faster Deployment, Better Flexibility, Transparency and Predictable Delivery, Predictable Costs and Scheduling – equip you for a changing job market and for jobs of the future
  • More than 70% teams across IT industries in the world are practicing Scrum and Agile
  • Scrum jobs are among the highest paying jobs across different industries
  • More and more companies, across different sectors, are turning to agile frameworks – e.g. Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nordeus, McKinsey, Tomtom, eFront, Trizma, GoDaddy, Ericsson
  • There is still no formal education in Scrum or Agile, so the best option is learning from the best in certified trainings
  • An increasing number of job ads are starting to value competency and experience in Scrum and Agile – hundreds of thousands of openings globally and hundreds in the region currently listed just on LinkedIn


  • Scrum Basics (roles, meetings & artifacts)
  • Expectations of a Product Owner
  • Understanding Product vision
  • Release management & estimation basics
  • Establishing & refining the product backlog

Trainer – Jasmina Nikolić, CSP

Jasmina is one of the most prominent Scrum professionals in the region. She is the founder and CEO of Agile Humans. She has been an active Agile and Scrum consultant, trainer and coach since 2010. She is a Certified Scrum Professional and Kanban Method Coaching Professional. Worked in a number of industries, contexts and companies of various sizes, from startups to large corporations, both in public and private sectors. Her long list of satisfied clients include SKS365, Nordeus, AXA MedLa and VIP Telecommunication. University lecturer since 1999. Teaches Agile Culture at the University La Salle, Barcelona.

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